“‘The Nest’ is a beautiful film to watch and listen to (with a very haunting score by Neil Lee Griffin) which will keep those nerves on the very edge.”

“While The Nest is quick to let us know roughly where it is headed, it only gradually fills in the details, generating real tension from our unfamiliarity with the precise nature of its Body Snatchers scenario.”

“Genre legend Dee Wallace adds to the already strong cast that will draw you in to the family dynamic. THE NEST has the kind of reach that will touch audiences of all kinds. “

“Taking notes from classics such as The Thing and Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Suttles feature drips with dread and does well at expanding its mythology as it goes along.”

“…and the legendary Dee Wallace as family friend Marissa. I must say Wallace is truly memorable in this role: I have never seen her play anything as sinister as she does here.”


Beth (Sarah Navratil), Jack (Kevin Patrick Murphy) and their young daughter Meg (Maple Suttles) are a loving but struggling family who have recently relocated to a deceased family member’s home due to Beth’s past drug addiction which has left deep emotional and financial strains on her marriage and cost her a beloved teaching job. 

After Meg suffers a traumatic accident and develops extreme separation anxiety to her mom, Beth and Jack grow even more estranged. One thing they do agree upon though is that Meg needs more help than her school counselor Ash (Drez Ryan) can provide. 

As Meg’s behavior becomes more erratic and her attachment to her stuffed bear Ricky and her mom grows, Beth begins to suspect that something more sinister is happening within her family. When Jack and their family friend Marisa (Dee Wallace) begin to exhibit signs of attachment too Meg and also to one another, Beth’s concerns become increasingly paranoid. 

Beth is haunted by nightmarish visions of parasitic creatures that threaten to engulf her family and her sanity. Beth is soon thrust into a world of emotional dependency and horror as the people she loves and trusts most push her into a chasm of drug addiction, self-destruction, and maternal sacrifice. 



Dee Wallace is an American actress and comedienne. She is perhaps best known for her roles in several popular films. These include the starring role as Elliot’s mother in the Steven Spielberg film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982), her most widely seen role. She also played key roles in popular cult films The Hills Have Eyes (1977) and The Howling (1981) and appeared in The Stepford Wives in 1975 and 10 (1979). In total, Wallace has appeared in more than 85 films.


Sarah Navratil was born in Bremerhaven, Germany and originally planned to have a career in veterinary medicine before discovering the arts.  Instead she moved to LA where she studied with teachers like Howard Fine, Risa Braman Garcia and Jami Rudofsky. You can see her as a series regular on MGM’s series, Stargate Origins or on shows like Counterpart and Pretty Little Liars. Sarah has also found success on the silver screen with indie darlings like Cloudy with a Chance of Sunshine, Nothing Like the Sun and Barbie’s Kenny. Favorite theater credits include the premier of The Death and Life of Mary Jo Kopechne, Frankenstein, Some Girl(s), the West Coast premiere of Key Change and award winning fringe show Disrupted. Her must recent endeavor is casting and producing her first feature,Tomorrow, coming out later this year. 


Kevin Patrick Murphy has been a film, tv and commercial actor in the Southeast since 2009, after transplanting from L.A., where he worked more specifically in commercials. A few of his TV credits since relocating to the Southeast include, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, The Resident, Brockmire, & House Of Cards. He’s also appeared in films such as, Richard Jewell, A Dark Place, Naked, The Last Of Robinhood, & Jacob’s Ladder. 


Murphy has been training and studying acting since he was 10, in his hometown of Buffalo, NY. After receiving a presidential scholarship to Florida School of the Arts, Murphy went on to Florida State University majoring in Theatre. While at FSU, Murphy was fortunate enough to study abroad in London. While in London, he focused on the art of physical theatre while expanding his knowledge of Shakespeare. After college, he went on to tour the US with Utah Shakespeare Festival in a production of Twelfth Night. Eventually relocating from Florida to L.A, Murphy continued his education at Second City. After 10 years in L.A, he made his way back to the East Coast, settling in Asheville, NC, signing with ARA and beginning to work regularly on TV, Film and Commercials. In 2012, Murphy started The Actor’s Center of Asheville, where students learn, in a safe and supportive environment, both the craft and the business of acting, specifically for TV and Film.


JAMES SUTTLES - Producer & Director

James Suttles is a Producer, Director & Cinematographer striving to explore & contribute to the art of story telling through motion pictures with an emphasis on strong visual content and unique story structure. Some of his recent projects included serving as Producer/Director on the feature films “Seven Days Till Midnight″, “The Evil Inside Her” Produced & DP’ed “The Good Things Devils Do” along with serving as the Director of Photography on the feature films”Rift”, “Shifting Gears” and “Rave Party Massacre”. He also served as Director of Photography on the Academy Award nominated feature film “Alone Yet Not Alone”, along with “Touched by Grace”, “For the Glory” and the film “Red Dirt Rising” (that he also Producer, Co-Directed and edited). Some of his other recent projects and clients have included Huffington Post, Intel, GE, Harley Davidson, Simon and Schuster, Readers Digest, Time, Inc., ACC and various music videos including “Hooked Up” by James Wesley and “Strangest Christmas Yet” with the legendary Steve Martin. Since 2015, James has served on the Cinematography faculty at the University of North Carolina, School of the Arts with an emphasis on digital cinematography and post workflow integration in production. For more about James, visit and

JENNIFER L. RAY - Executive Producer

Originally from Miami, Florida, Jennifer (Jen) has loved and been involved in various aspects of acting from her early years. Jen has appeared in numerous theater, film, television and commercial productions as an actress and has also been involved in writing for commercials and television projects, starting behind the scenes production in 2005. Continuing to appear occasionally in front of the camera, she now maintains a larger presence behind. Jen works in various capacities to create, develop and see the fruition of innovative and unique film and television projects. Jen joined James Suttles of Suttlefilm and Asheville camera, grip and lighting rental as a partner in 2016 and served as executive producer on films Seven Days ‘Til Midnight and The Evil Inside Her with Eric Roberts. She is based in WNC but works on the west coast whenever possible.


Matt Zboyovski is a Producer from Asheville, NC. After graduating film school at the North Carolina School of the Arts in 2001, he moved to Los Angeles and worked on a variety of films (Gone in Sixty Seconds, Alpha Dog, Mr. & Mrs. Smith) and television programs (America’s Got Talent,Talkshow with Spike Feresten, The GLEE Project), gaining experience and creating a strong network of industry professionals. In 2013 he returned to North Carolina to pursue his passion of Producing independent feature films. He has enjoyed teaming up with James Suttles on numerous projects over the last three years and is looking to continue building the filmmaking partnership.


Jennifer Trudrung’s love of horror stretches both in front of and behind the camera.  As an actress she’s appeared in film and television series, including The Vampire Diaries and Goosebumps.  As a screenwriter and producer, she’s built quite the filmography of short horror films, including the award winning films Here There Be Tygers based on the Stephen King story, Unbearing, and The Ebbing.  Plus, she’s penned the upcoming feature film The Nest which will be released this July, 2021.

Jennifer is a life-long lover of horror books and films and she focuses on writing female-driven stories that delve into the themes of motherhood and parenting, and twists them into the macabre and horrific. Her other main focus is to create stories with authentic neurodiverse representation. Jennifer is a mom of two incredible daughters and an actress signed with Bold Talent. 

Check out her short films at:

GREG HUDGINS - Director of Photography

An Emmy®-winning graduate of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts Film School, Greg Hudgins is a director of photography whose love of film and visual storytelling inspires his lighting and camera movement. He believes that making a film is collaborative, and he works with his director and crew to create visuals that support the story rather than overshadow it. Greg’s passion for photography also contributes to his sensibilities as a cinematographer, honing his eye for his craft.

SHANE MEADOR - Production Designer

Shane Meador is a hands on collaborator, EMMY winner, and lifelong student of film. He designed the feature films The Nest, Student Body, Seven Days Till Midnight, One Royal Holiday, Stalker’s Prey 2 & 3, The Evil Inside Her, The Good Things Devils Do, One Hell of an Angel, and Quiet River (which he also produced.) Shane paid his dues working on movies from Big Fish to Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Commercial clients include Microsoft, Bank of America, Turner, Jack Daniels, Hanes, Canada Dry, EarthFare, and HGTV. He won a Southeastern EMMY for work on an animated PSA for Homeward Bound. He’s designed music videos for Ben Lovett, Underhill Rose, and Steve Martin with The Steep Canyon Rangers. His award winning sets for theatre and dance include shows at the Kennedy Center and off-Broadway. He assisted with projection design (video mapping onto sets) for musicals such as Stephen King’s Ghost Brothers of Darkland County and Opera Philadelphia’s adaptation of Lars von Trier’s Breaking the Waves.

JOHN LAUTERBACH - Special Effects

John Lauterbach is an Asheville, North Carolina based self-taught make-up effects artist.  During the early years of John’s career he lucked into assisting an Oscar winning veteran of the special effects field while working on a feature film. John immediately fell in love with the process.  He proceeded to work various jobs within the industry while spending every free penny and moment learning the craft.  As the years passed, John’s passion for make-up effects transitioned into professional credits.  John is never happier than during the days his hands are stained red with blood, and still sometimes finds it hard to believe he gets to make a living doing something he loves.


Neil Lee Griffin is a multi-award-winning composer and audio engineer. Adept at writing musical scores for films, podcasts, audiobooks, and audio dramas, in addition to creating original songs, hip-hop beats and jingles. With over fifteen years experience in various genres of music. Griffin started his musical journey in his teens where he took keyboard lessons, then taught himself to play guitar. Releasing numerous albums through the years under his own name and under the moniker “Antler Hill” where he used the symbol of a scarecrow to raise awareness for stuttering, something he has struggled with from an early age. Griffin is constantly striving to learn and grow in his craft. Check out his website @



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