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Collaboration is NO LONGER a Fluffy Topic

I facilitated an executive panel discussion on “Collaboration for Advanced Manufacturing & Supply Chain Success” with diverse viewpoints from transportation (Ontario airport), manufacturing (AMETEK Ameron), technology for manufacturing and logistics from the global leader in GIS (ESRI), and innovation, incubator and accelerator gurus.  It was a fascinating discussion on [...]

A 98 Year Old’s Wisdom & the Toltek Agreements

Apply the timeless Toltek wisdom to your life, enhancing personal and professional success with these simple yet profound principles.

Conflict & Collaboration in the Supply Chain

Have you thought about the role of conflict and collaboration in the supply chain?  When thinking of supply chain from creation to customer, there are many links and connections. 

My Late Aunt Marge & the Art of Conversation

No matter your skill in conversation, you can improve. Start by focusing on the other person. That alone can go a long way.
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Tour of Combustion Associates & Collaboration

March 13, 2017 Earlier this week, I participated in a manufacturers' roundtable and tour at Combustion Associates as an APICS Inland Empire chapter event.  It was an enlightening conversation and tour since the products and services are quite unique and the power of collaboration shined through at every point [...]

How Effective is Your Cross-Functional Collaboration?

Teamwork, communications and shared objectives are essential for cross-functional collaboration and project success. Cross-functional collaboration can make or break success. No matter how well a particular department or team performs, it is largely useless if done in isolation. Just like a car won't go if you press the accelerator [...]

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Cross-Functional Success

Cross-functional coordination is vital to business success. Agreement on simple coordination techniques starts with clear and frequent communication. Although working cross-functionally is a basic tenet in every organization we’ve ever seen, it remains elusive to many. Certainly the topic arises frequently no matter what product or service is offered [...]

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A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words

June 29, 2016 After meeting with my international advisory board in the beginning of June in Sydney, I took the opportunity to tour Australia and New Zealand. One of our favorite spots was Milford Sound, New Zealand. It is undoubtedly one of the most majestic, beautiful places I've ever [...]

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