Supply Chain Optimization

What’s Going On with Asia Supply Chains

June 22, 2020 Supply chains are quite tenuous, and China drives the most volume: Coronavirus: Beijing is under a soft lockdown with a surge of virus cases. Although Beijing doesn't impact trade, it is another sign that China vastly under reported previously and it is likely to have a [...]

Being Featured on Bloomberg & the Rise of Reshoring

Of course, it was very exciting to be featured on Bloomberg's 'What'd You Miss?' show! It speaks to the rising popularity of reshoring that Bloomberg is searching for supply chain experts to talk about reshoring and whether it makes sense. One Tip to Implement This Week: As I said [...]

Walmart & Costco Moving Towards Farmer-to-Shopping Cart Strategies

Explore how vertical integration from farmer-to-shopping cart is reshaping retail giants like Walmart and Costco.

When is it the ‘Right’ Time for a Supply Chain Network Assessment?

Supply Chain networks that are not set up to support scalable, profitable growth have a high likelihood of negatively impacting your customers, impeding your growth and consuming far more resources than ever imagined to sustain. 

Are You Reshoring?

Where are you sourcing from currently?  Don't just jump on the new bandwagon of reshoring but you should give your total cost of ownership a second look as well as dig into your customers' expectations and sourcing impacts. 

Rethinking Sourcing

Successful manufacturers are re-evaluating their outsourcing/ insourcing/ near-sourcing options. To remain competitive and have any hope of staying ahead of the curve, they are knee-deep in considering the options.

Rapid Assessments for Success

If you are interested in profitable growth, start by focusing your eagle eye on making an honest assessment of your business. You must know where you stand to develop a successful path forward. Whether you want to grow, increase profit, accelerate working capital or create superior relationships with your [...]

Increasing Cash Flow through Supply Chain Improvements

Published in "The ACA Group" website, March, 2011 As we are emerging from the recession, we are by no means returning to the high growth days of the past. Instead, the new normal is here to stay - slow growth for those who stay ahead of the curve, tight [...]

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