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Supply Chain Resilience Has Risen to the Top with the White House Council

The White House has launched a cabinet-level supply chain council as the criticality of the topic rises to the top.

The Importance of Supply Chain Partner Relationships

The awareness of the importance of international supply chains has grown in recent years, not just among the business fraternity, but more widely in the media, among politicians and ordinary citizens as well.

Five steps to manage supplier risk in your supply chain | Netstock

Improved supplier data will give your supply chain the competitive advantage to drive customer loyalty.

Material Planning Best Practices to Proactively Manage Cost & Service

Since the pandemic, it has been a constant battle to ensure material availability, let alone to proactively manage cost and service. Even the most proactive and successful clients have experienced brief shortages of key materials and extended lead-times. The rest have been plagued with these issues.

Manage the Impact of Supplier Risk in your Supply Chain

In this webinar, industry expert Lisa Anderson along with NETSTOCK's Russ Graff discuss their top insights on how businesses can improve their processes and reduce supplier risk to ensure they deliver what their customers need. 

Commercial Baking: Sounding the Alarm on Supply Chain: The raw materials ripple effect

"Manufacturers looking for any kinds of raw materials or ingredients are having to revise their schedules continuously, and it's a daily challenge," said Lisa Anderson, supply chain consultant and president of LMA Consulting. "There are issues from one end of the spectrum to the other."

Supply Chain Resiliency in a Pandemic World

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged supply chains like never before, but there are tactics and strategies companies can take to overcome its effects—and perhaps even emerge stronger. We explore them in this Insight Report. COVID-19 and its effects on supply chains Often referred to as “The World’s Busiest Airport,” [...]

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LMA Advocate 2020: Shannon Reininger – Tips for Success

In 2015, we kicked off the LMA Advocate awards to recognize those people who have been instrumental to our growth and success.  We started with 10 people to celebrate the 10 years since we started the business, and we now add one each year. Although I’ve learned plenty along the [...]

Today’s Medical Developments: Recognize workforce talents, take time to partner with the right suppliers

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Expert, Lisa Anderson, MBA, CSCP, CLTD, president of LMA Consulting Group Inc., tells companies to recognize workforce talents and take time to partner with the right suppliers. LMA Consulting Group works with manufacturers and distributors on strategy and end-to-end supply chain transformation to maximize the customer experience and [...]

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Why Supplier Management is More Important Than You Think

Uncover the critical role of Proactive Supplier Relationship Management in today's competitive market. Strategies and tips from Lisa Anderson.
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